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Thread: Lost my Ford Focus car keys - URGENT!

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    Lost my Ford Focus car keys - URGENT!

    I think I've lost my main car keys. For a ford focus with central locking.

    Any idea how much they would cost to replace? Am thinking about selling my car soon so need a second set and central locking will help the price (somewhat).


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    I wanted to buy a salvage Ford Focus with no keys, and this is what I was told by the main dealer when I asked about the cost of getting a new key to fit.

    Hopefully, you have the key code (6 digit number?) in the paperwork for the car. If you don't have the code number, the dealer who supplied the car originally may provide the code to you upon proof of ownership. Otherwise, the code is on the lock barrels, and can be read by partly dismantling a door or tailgate to get at the lock barrel to read the number.

    After getting the key code somehow, you then need to get a transponder key blank cut to match the code (about 30). Next the transponder key will have to be matched to the ECU in the car. The main dealer has to do this, and they said they charge about 1 hour labour (about 80?). So overall cost for 1 new key, say 110. A second key ordered at the same time would be another 30, say. I'm not sure about the remote locking, if the cost of this was included or not (I didn't ask, I just wanted to be able to drive the car).

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    Does anyone know how I cam sort this mess out without paying lots of money as i am skint!!! I have lost my only car key and cannot use my ford galaxy it is a w reg anyone know what i can do as really can't find the 200 plus i have been quoted

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    Sorry to hear about your key
    I had a galaxy but I manged to get a spare for 50 before I had no key at all. I think the problem is that you have to have at least 1 key to program the spare. Not sure if there is any other way around it. I know at one point we have a spare red plastic key for emergancy use.

    Sorry this may not be much help.
    Where have you got your prices from?

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    Is it possible to get a replacement key direct from Ford if you are able to supply proof that you own the vehicle?
    It might be worth writing to them enquiring about this.

    Another option is to contact the previous owner of the car (if you've not had it too long) and see if they by any chance still have the key code details (or by some remote chance, a spare key itself).
    I realise that the chances of this suggestion helping are slim, but you never know.
    I traded in a car about 1 year ago, and whilst having a sort out a few months later, I found a spare key that I had totally forgotten about.

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    If the Focus is the same system as the Mondeo you need 2 unique keys to add/remove more keys.

    Your only options are a main dealer unless you can find a specialised locksmith who can code new keys into the system.

    About 180 for a dealer to supply and code 2 keys. Never buy modern cars that dont have the full set, Master key or spare etc.

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    Do you not have key cover on your insurance?

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    Isn't the excess on the key cover cheaper than the full excess, a bit like windscreen claims? Mine was 60 when I had it.

    Likely to be different on the OP's policy, if indeed they have key cover.

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